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Weekend Payday Loans: description and principles


There can be different emergency life situations when you might need cash fast. What to do when your next paycheck is days or weeks away but your pocket is empty? There is one possible financial solution for your problem: a weekday payday loan.

Can I get one of 24/7 loans in cash on the weekend?

There is a list of requirements to get a loan. Typically, those requirements are met by default by the biggest part of employed adults:

  • to be 18/21 or older (depending on legal requirements in a particular state)

  • to have a stable residential address in the state of receiving crediting

  • to be officially employed and paid to a valid bank account

  • not to have a too negative credit history

  • not to be a person who filed for bankruptcy in 10 previous years

  • to be able to explain the reason for the need for money.

To file for credit, one needs to pick a credit organization that suits a borrower and fulfill an online application – it is the most widespread method nowadays.

What features do weekend short-term 24 hour online loans offer?

Such a loan, as it is obvious from its name, is given for a short term (typically, from days to months in returning payments), can be from several hundred dollars to tens of thousands (often, amount and term are interrelated), demanding from a client to earn at least $1,000 after taxes per month, and it is collateral-free. The main advantage of this type of credit is that it’s given even to people with bad credit, showing a pretty high rate of application approval. 

Multiple loan options of weekend payday loans

Sometimes happens that a person needs cash urgently during holidays or weekend. For instance, grandparents would like to buy toys and confectionery for their grandchildren to please them but didn’t know about their arrival beforehand. Or spouses got a fight and now one of them buys a humble gif to another to make things up. Your car might have all 4 wheels exhausted because some hooligan pierced them whilst you need to take a long-planned ride. Anything and more can happen. For those and other reasons, hundreds of crediting organizations all over the country offer a vast abundance of programs suiting your needs in amounts, terms, commission, interest paid per year, and others.

High fees of payday loans open today

The biggest (but, probably, the only) disadvantage of a weekend loan is the high price. Since the decision to lend money is adopted very fast and it does not require collateral or deep study of a borrower, the possible risks of failure of repaying the loan are compensated by the high cost. However, some states artificially limit the maximal yearly percent so as to make it more affordable for citizens.

Access to an in-store network of Sunday payday loans

Cases aren’t seldom when a lending office works on Saturdays and Sundays. If you really need cash fast, going to one of such offices, which represents a final lender, could be the only possible solution. Otherwise, if money is sent to a bank account, its arrival can be only the next working day – far too late for some situations.

Pros and cons of loan companies open on weekend


  1. They work on Sat and Sun

  2. Capable of giving cash on hands

  3. Adopt a lending decision very fast and in most cases through an online application

  4. Give money to people with bad credit.

  5. Different amounts, from $200 to $100,000.


  1. Sending money to a bank account means it becomes available only the next working day

  2. High cost, with yearly interest up to 175% (but starting with just 6%)

  3. Require an official job and salary

  4. A person can fall into a lending pit, crediting one overdue loan with another, which aggravates the financial state.

What should I need to apply for a weekend loan?

There are no documents (soft or hard copies) required from a borrower to apply for a loan online or by phone. Sometimes, if one does not have an e-signature, then a person is required to visit an office to sign a lending agreement. Typically, applying is feasible for any adult with an official workplace and salary, having a verifiable residential address and stable income.

Frequently asked questions about weekend cash loans

  1. What is the maximum amount I can borrow in loans open today?

Depending on the lending organization and the state, the span of limits of sums is from $200 to $100,000. There will be no low rate, though, as it is typically high.

  1. Can I get a 24 hr cash loan without a bank account?

Yes if receiving cash on hands from one of the brick-and-mortar offices. Conditions may apply.  

  1. What about approval of Saturday short-term loans?

If a brick-and-mortar office of the lending company works on this day, then yes, the loan request is approved and cash is granted.